100 - Tips on Buying an Existing CMO Commercial Property

In this very special 100th episode, Jerry brings in the new year with his tips on identifying and ultimately purchasing an existing CMO Commercial Property. This strategy could really get your Commercial Investing journey off to a flying start. Investors often look for fully vacant commercial properties to develop into CMO offerings but why go through the whole process when you can potentially short circuit your way to great cashflowing buildings?  It comes down to knowledge of what to look for and how to identify opportunities that the current owners haven't learnt to see. In this episode Jerry gives you 10 different characteristics to look for.    Join us for a Commercial Property behind the scenes tour day and workshop: https://www.commercialpropertyinvestor.co.uk/behind-the-scenes-day-tour-jan-2022/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jerryalexander.commercial/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/commercialpropertyinvestor/  Join the Commercial Property Investor Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/CP-Group Website: https://www.commercialpropertyinvestor.co.uk/

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