Episode 65-Live Big with Rochelle Seltzer

On Counsel to Counsel, I speak with attorneys and  consultants who share their advice about advancing your legal career.  We  discuss practical issues to help you build the career that you want. In recent episodes we have talked about how to build relationships in a virtual environment, how to leverage the LinkedIn platform, how to go in house, how to manage your time more effectively, and how to create a side hustle while practicing law. In this episode, we take a step back to look at much bigger existential issues (how we find meaning in our lives more broadly.) My guest, Rochelle seltzer, discusses what she calls living big. Rochelle is a Creative Core Coach and author of the acclaimed book, Live Big: A Manifesto for a Creative Life. Her mission is to unleash the untapped creative capacity inside women everywhere, so they bring all of their greatness into the world. She teaches and supports accomplished women to move past what keeps them blocked, stuck and small, to create and live their biggest, best lives. Rochelle began her career as a designer. Thirty years later she sold her firm and embarked on a new chapter, studying creativity. She wanted to unlock her own creativity — and learn to help others unblock theirs. It has been my pleasure to get to know Rochelle through my business networking group ProVisors in the last year.

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