Creative Career Starter

Episode 6: Overcoming Shyness During Your Job Search

av Creative Career Starter | Publicerades 4/20/2020

A conversation with Lauren Mays, Designer/Illustrator at Chase Design in Skaneateles, NY.  Lauren, a self-proclaimed shy person, shares how she overcame challenges like networking, reaching out with cover letters and interviewing during her job search....

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Learn the secrets of a successful creative job search from young, award-winning creative pros. Each episode, I interview a young creative professional about the steps they took to go from design school grad to successful employee at a creative firm. Through their stories, we cover topics like: their high school experience, figuring out a creative path, identifying creative firms you’d love to work for, connecting with the right people inside of them, building a focused design portfolio website, preparing for and winning the interview and negotiating job offers. They also discuss what they now look for in emerging talent as they hire the next wave. I’ve helped hundreds of design school grads, like the ones you’ll hear from, find their first creative jobs. And I can help you find yours. Join us!