Ghost in the Wind - The Bizarre Murder of Joleen Cummings

Join us on the next episode of Crime Salad where we examine the disappearance of 34 year old Joleen Cummings, a Mother of three children. She disappeared the day before Mother’s day and on her own Birthday. Family and friends said she would never go off without her children. However, at the time of her disappearance she was going through a contentious divorce and custody battle. Her ex-husband initially believed she was somewhere “out on a bender”.  But soon investigators had two other suspects. This is a case of twists, turns and shocking conclusions. Support us! Want ad free listening? Patreon - Sponsors: Firstleaf Go to Try to get your first 6 bottles for $39.95 plus free shipping. Apostrophe  go to and click Begin Visit, then use our code CRIMESALAD at sign up and you’ll get your first visit for only five dollars! Expanded Perspectives Podcast Listen to Expanded Perspectives on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube. Follow us! Merch - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - RATE US - Written and Researched by Stephanie Moore and Crime Salad Audio and Editing by: Emily Rawlings and Crime Salad Written Sources: Nassau County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigative Summary - 367 pages Kimberly Kessler Competent to Stand Trial - 10 pages  Order finding Kessler competent to stand trial - 10 pages  Kimberly Kessler Court documents - 1121 pages Kessler Motion 1 to Suppress evidence 6 pages Kessler Motion 3 to Suppress Evidence - 5 pages Timeline: Kimberly Kessler’s arrest, investigation into death of Joleen Cummings Kimberly Kessler found guilty of 1st degree murder in death of Joleen Cummings What you need to know about the Kimberly Kessler Murder trial Video Sources: Kimberly Kessler Interrogation Video - Action First News

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