Small Town Girl - Corinna Slusser

Join us on the next episode of Crime Salad where we examine the disappearance of Corinna Slusser. A small town girl who got caught up in a violent human sex trafficking ring in New York City where she was exploited and trafficked by a man she met on the internet. Something happened to Corinna in her senior year of high school. Something significant enough to cause her to act out in ways that were out of character for her. She began drinking, shoplifting and smoking pot. She wasn’t following her Mother’s rules. After a suicide attempt she dropped out of highschool with only one class needed for graduation. Corinna was artistic and talented and had dreams of becoming a hairstylist and make-up artist. She thought New York was the place to make those dreams come true. Instead, she was exploited, abused and coerced into the commercial sex trade by someone who professed to love her take care of her. One day after telling her Mom she was ready to come home, she disappeared without a trace. Support us! Want ad free listening? Patreon - Sponsors: BetterHelp Crime Salad listeners get 10% off their first month at Follow us! Merch - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - RATE US - Written and Researched by Stephanie Moore and Crime Salad Audio and Editing by: Emily Rawlings and Crime Salad Written Sources: Criminal Complaint against ishi Woney Joint Task Force Press Release Taking Down Backpage: Fighting the World’s largest sex trafficker By Maggy Krell Mystery of a small town former cheerleader who fell victim to NYC Sex Ring Four Years on, The Search continues for a small town teen sex-trafficked in NYC Where is Corinna? Teen Still Missing Years after she’s forced into Violent sex-trafficking ring Alleged Pimp who forced Women into prostitution, including missing Pennsylvania teenager charged Video Sources: Dr. Phil Woman Says she Believes Missing Niece had a whole either

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