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Why astrology is thriving in 2019

av Culture Call | Publicerades 12/5/2019

You may have noticed the revival of astrology in recent years, as meme accounts accrue millions of followers, horoscope apps raise millions of dollars in venture funding, and Americans spend more and more on 'mystical services' (it's currently a $2.2b market). Lilah and Gris explore what this growing trend says about our culture, digging into the renaissance of birth charts and moon signs with the help of some Culture Call listeners. Plus: one of New York's most prominent astrologers, Rebecca Gordon, stops by the show to discuss her growing clientele and her predictions for Brexit and the US presidential race. She also takes a look at how compatible Culture Call's co-hosts really are. Also: we are putting together an episode of our cultural highlights from 2019, and we’d love to include yours. Which books, films, TV shows and other trends have you been recommending to your friends? Let us know on Twitter @FTCultureCall or by emailing us at Here are some links from this episode: – Lilah's article on astrology: –Suzy Feahy's review of The Crown Season 3: –Meghan Markle's interview on ITV: –Liz Jobley's piece on artist Dora Maar, whose work is on view at the Tate Modern in London until March 15 (paywall): –Picasso's 1937 painting, Weeping Woman: –Witch, a book of poetry by Rebecca Tamás: –Recap of the Broad City episode Witches: For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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