Apr. 17, 2022 "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt --- Redux (Educational Talk From the Past): "Alan Watt on "Investigative Journal" with Greg Szymanski - Jul. 31, 2007"

--{ "Alan Watt on "Investigative Journal" with Greg Szymanski - Jul. 31, 2007"}-- Hour 1: Control of Minds Through Religion - Leaders of All Religions are One at the Top - Alexander the Great, Aristotle - Money-lending and wars - Food Industry - Meanings of "Hermaphrodite" - Perfection of Human Being - Left and Right Brain - Male-Female Deity - Hidden Masonic Coding in English Language - Messiahs of Christianity-Judaism-Islam - Trinities of Religions - Vatican - Constantine - Gnostic Tradition - Jesus (The Fish, Age of Pisces) - Aries-Ram - Age of Aquarius - Lunar-Stellar-Solar Occult - Greek "Demiurgos" - Lord of the World - Jacob and Esau - High Masonic Rules of Old Testament - King James Bible - Zoroastrianism - Good and Bad - God and Devil - Zarathustra - Zoroaster (Seed of Ishtar, Man of the Mask) - Zodiac timetable - "Heavenly Plan". Higher Truths for Seeking Individuals - Leaving Dogma Behind - Money, Civilization and Cities - Citizens - Nimrod - American Revolution - Colors of Revolution: Red, White and Blue - Jacques Attali book: "Millennium" - U.N. Habitat Areas - Population Reduction - British Department of Defence - Projections of Rioting and "Flashmobs". Hour 2: Indoctrination of Technology as a Natural Evolution - Steps Toward Brain-Chip - Different Paths and Ways of Living - Value of Life -- Aquarius Raped by Zeus - Water-pitcher Carrying Water (Gene Pool) - Soul as Activating Principle Driving Toward Spirit - New Age "Oneness" = Elimination of Individuality - Deprogramming - People Think Like a Computer - Logic and Language - Safer Places for Future Living - Survival skills - Living Simply with Very Little - Secret Societies and Blood-Oaths - Mafia World System - Fleecing "the Profane" (the sheep) - External Ceremonies for the Masses - Private Meetings for Higher Orders - Aleister Crowley - Catholic Church - Saints - Four Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) Symbolism - Malachi Martin - Priesthood Business Running Spiritual Life of Others - Occult = Oculus (Eye) - Third Eye of Mind - Alan's Book (3) on Meaning of Revelations and Creation of Money and Commerce - Leaving Eden (Nature) into Corrupt Scientific System of Total Surveillance and Control - B-Order (border) - Order of the Bee - Masonic Obelisks along U.S.-Canada Border.

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Alan Watt gives you Both an Historical and Futuristic Tour on who runs society, gives you your thoughts, trends, your entire reality - through media, entertainment and 'education'. This is a controlled global society, planned long ago by an elite group working intergenerationally. Listen to its goals, its history, Working Groups and Techniques.