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World Beer Cup brews

av Dedicated to the Craft | Publicerades 5/18/2020

A silver lining of COVID-19? Getting to enjoy the would-have-been World Beer Cup brews in the comfort of our own homes. Jeff sits down with our Director of Research and Development, Aaron Justus, and R&D brewers, the Chris’s, AKA the team behind most of our small-batch/experimental brews. These guys love beer, and they bleed innovation. Aaron, Chris, Chris, and Jeff discuss a few of the competition beers they were most proud of, their brewing approach, our Roots to Boots program, which allows all employees to come up with and brew a beer of their own, and the thought process behind some of Ballast Point’s most beloved small batch brews.

2:40 Meet the team
18:00 Learn about some of our World Beer Cup brews
25:30 A trip to Germany inspired this beer…
56:10 We have to talk about Hop Soda

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