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#73 - Protruding with Jaz Gulati

av Dental Leaders Podcast | Publicerades 3/10/2021

Podcasting’s friendliest rivalry gets an airing this week as Payman chats with Jaz Gulati. Fans will know Jaz as the host of the Protrusive podcast - but this chat reveals there’s much more to unpack. Jaz talks about the joys of hosting Protrusive, life in Singapore, inspirational teachers and much more. Enjoy! “'ll never forget that moment I got my first gold star at age six, and from there, I was addicted to achievement, and that's been a big driver for me. I just want to constantly do things.” Jaz Gulati In This Episode 02.25 - Podcasting04.38 - Enthusiasm and ambition10.02 - Specialising16.14 - Inspiration19.55 - Singapore26.58  - Education33.37 - Protrusion Podcast43.15 - In practice51.03 - Global brand54.35 - Black box thinking57.49 - Being a tough guy01.03.15 - Best. Episode. Ever01.06.02 - Imposter syndrome01.09.44 - Last days and legacy About Jaz Gulati Dr Jaz Gulati graduated with honours and distinction from the School of Clinical Dentistry in Sheffield in 2013. He is the winner of the Tom Pitt-Ford prize for excellence in orthodontics and the NSK prize for oral medicine. He is also a runner up of the Harley Street Young Endodontist award. Jaz has travelled extensively, undertaking training in Singapore, Australia, Scandinavia and Dubai. He is the host of the Protrusive clinical dentistry podcast.

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