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#86 - Making the Unsexy Sexy with Rupert Monkhouse

av Dental Leaders Podcast | Publicerades 6/9/2021

We’re pleased to have Dr Rupert Monkhouse on this week’s show. Rupert’s growing reputation in the world of dentures has led him to become pretty influential as we talk dentistry and Instagram.   Hear us chat about the ins and outs of prosthodontics, the ideal methods and techniques to create the most beautiful dentures and the best ways to communicate with patients.   Rupert shares his experiences in travelling, coaching, swimming and the big switch from NHS to private practice.    Enjoy!   “You know, for any patient, psychology is really, really important... It's all about sort of drip-feeding your thoughts throughout it. If you tell them it might be a mistake at the start it's consented. You know, if you say after the fact, then you're making excuses.” Rupert Monkhouse   In This Episode   01.16 - Growing up in the Midlands 02:29 - An athlete’s mindset 05.12 - A change of pace 08.59 - 543 16:22 - Prosthodontics 18:10 - Building good habits 23:01 - Ideal materials 25:29 - Gingival focus 31:55 - Travelling 34:59 - Going into teaching 37:53 - Pushing yourself 39:25 - Opening a practice 43:51 - NHS to private 46:05 - The psychology of the patient 48:35 - TMJ 52:02 - From Worcester to the big city 55:28 - Having a partner in the profession 56:43 - Legacy & last days on Earth   About Rupert Monkhouse Rupert is from Worcester and qualified from King’s College in London. He then spent some time in Hull as part of his foundation training before moving back to West London where he still lives today.   Rupert’s main interest lies in prosthodontics where he plans to train further. His reputation as ‘The Denture Guy’ is partly thanks to his growing following on Instagram where he has set the standard for clinical photography as well as quality prosthodontics.    Away from dentistry, Rupert enjoys travelling, photography and swimming, which he still coaches. You can follow Rupert on Instagram at @dentistrupert and follow the Dental Leaders Podcast at @dentalleaderspodcast.

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