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#87 - Developing in Dentistry with Amit Patel

av Dental Leaders Podcast | Publicerades 6/16/2021

This week, we introduce Amit Patel to the show. Amit is a renowned dentist hailing from a family of successful dental professionals and he shares his insight into growing up in that world.    Hear Amit and Payman talk business in Brickfields and building bridges. Amit shares his experiences in Essex, Yorkshire and beyond, and also discusses the importance of working hard and playing hard.   Enjoy!   “There's always been people, you know, trying to put doom and gloom on it. But, yeah, I love my job. I love working my hands. I love talking to people. I love communicating with patients. And I just think it's a very rewarding profession, to be sure.” Rupert Monkhouse   In This Episode   03.49 - Growing up in Essex 06:33 - Leeds is in Bristol 10.20 - Yorkshire education 11.41 - The Dental Network 15:37 - Choosing business partners 20:30 - Qualifying 25:05 - Being a junior 28:44 - Getting your head down 32:46 - Choosing the right courses 35:27 - Timing courses 40:49 - Having a dad in dentistry 42:57 - Lockdown impacts 44:49 - The MAGDS exam 50:09 - Talking business 52:36 - Being the principal dentist 56:13 - Brickfield’s 01:05:07 - Building bridges 01:22:02 - Family life 01:25:23 - Legacy & last days on Earth   About Amit Patel Amit graduated from the University of Leeds with a Merit of Distinction in the Examination of Clinical Dental Practice. He then completed the postgraduate Membership of Joint Dental Faculties examinations and the prestigious Diploma in Implant Dentistry with the Royal College of Surgeons England. Following this, he completed the 1-year Foundation in Implant Dentistry supported by the International Team for Implantology and also completed a four years masters programme in fixed and removable prosthodontics.    Amit is an Educational Supervisor for East of England and train newly qualified dentists and was shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Young Dentist category at the Dentistry Awards.   In 2015 he won Highly Commended Best Young Dentist South Region and In 2017 and Young Dentist of the Year at the Dental Awards.

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