Dogman Encounters Episode 360

Tonight’s guest, Robin Haynes McCray, was featured on Episodes 10 and 15 of my new Bigfoot show, titled, “My Bigfoot Sighting” because she’s been interacting with Sasquatch since she was a little girl, growing up in Michigan. She says that Sasquatch have made their presence known to her up until present day, where she now lives, at her house, in the woods. In fact, there’s so much Sasquatch activity, at her property, Igor Burtsev has made multiple visits there, to research them. Sasquatch aren’t the only kind of cryptid that seem to be drawn to her, though. Dogmen seem to be drawn to her too. In fact, not only does she have a resident population of Sasquatch hanging around her property, a population of Dogmen reside there too, including a huge Dogman, named Luicious, that’s apparently made it his mission to keep watch over her property, 24/7, to make sure that there aren’t any problems with order being kept. Be warned; if you have any intentions of trying to sneak onto Robin’s property and cause any problems, law enforcement is the last thing you’re going to need to worry about. You’re gonna be dealing with Luicious. Or should I say, Luicious is gonna be dealing with you! Here are links to the aforementioned episodes of my new Bigfoot show, called My Bigfoot Sighting, where Robin was the guest... Episode 10: Episode 15: To find out how to listen to Dogman Encounters commercial-free, please visit If you’d like to help support the show, by buying your own Dogman Encounters t-shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, or coffee mug, please visit the Dogman Encounters Show Store, by going to If you've had a Dogman encounter and would like to speak with me about it, whether you'd like to keep your encounter confidential or be interviewed on a show, please go to and submit a report. If you've had a Sasquatch sighting and would like to be a guest on Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio, please go to and submit a report. Thanks for listening!

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