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Friday the 29th of November: St Andrews Global Climate Strike & Fashion Revolution

av Eco-Activist Journeys | Publicerades 12/4/2019

The 29th of November 2019 marked the day of the 4th global climate strike in 2019. Co-incidentally it also coincided with Black Friday - a day of heightened consumerism. That is why this podcast discusses the St Andrews Climate Strike and Fashion Revolution to challenge to norms of today for a better tomorrow. World leaders: we are watching. The winds of change are blowing…

For the live radio show on St Andrews Radio (STAR) I was joined by two students from Bell Baxter High School Rebecca McQueen and Sophie Gent as well as Emma Saisi and Kathleen Pitches from Fashion Revolution St Andrews. We discussed the St Andrews Climate Strike that morning, activism, consumerism, fast fashion, standing up for climate justice, hope and the start of a new revolution and a new Earth.

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