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The forces driving a gas-fired power plant glut

av Energy Evolution | Publicerades 1/23/2020

After an S&P Global Market Intelligence investigative team uncovered the powerful incentives to build natural gas-fired power plants in the U.S., the Energy Evolution podcast interviewed some of the "Overpowered" series' sources and authors to follow up on why utilities are adding gas generation despite flat demand and some states' efforts to adopt more renewable energy.

Energy Evolution also talked to sources from the Overpowered series about why the PJM Interconnection — the country's largest market for electric power — may continue to over-procure gas generation capacity, how Virginia state officials are starting to push back against Dominion Energy Inc.'s electricity demand forecasts and what the Oxnard, Calif., city council is doing to acquire more power from renewable resources after rejecting the Puente Power Project proposed by NRG Energy Inc. and Edison International utility Southern California Edison Co.

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Energy Evolution is a new podcast from S&P Global Market Intelligence that explores the ways the energy industry is changing. Co-hosts Dan Testa, Allison Good and Taylor Kuykendall spend each episode talking to leading experts from the energy and finance fields and breaking down the trends that the policy makers, traders and industry professionals needs to know about. The team uses the reporting firepower and data resources of Market Intelligence to tackle the big issues of the day and changes on the horizon. Dan, Allison and Taylor are veteran journalists with broad expertise covering the utility, oil and gas and mining sectors.