Overtime Elite swoops in and pays a couple of prospects more than $1 million; the absurd/sad extortion story at Louisville (College Basketball 05/21)

Friday's news: a couple of highly rated, five-star prospects in the class of 2023 will commit to playing for Overtime Elite, a fledgling league backed financially by the likes of Kevin Durant, Drake and Jeff Bezos. GP and Norlander open with thoughts on that and explain the difference between the viability of a league like this and why it barely affects college basketball. The second half of the podcast (27:30) focuses on the wild story from earlier in the week: former Louisville assistant Dino Gaudio was charged with extortion after he made threats to his boss, Chris Mack, after Mack did not renew Gaudio's contract. Again: WILD STORY. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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