Our Ancestors’ Psychology: An Interview with Author Helen Parker-Drabble: Episode 152

Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud with his mother. In this episode of the Family Tree Podcast, Lisa interviews author Helen Parker-Drabble about how so-called “modern” mental health problems like anxiety or depression shaped the lives of our ancestors, and how understanding their experiences can benefit future generations. Plus, our DNA expert is back and we chat with Devon Lee of the YouTube channel Family History Fanatics. Ep. 152: August 2021 Back to the episode list In this episode: Tree Talk (01:25) Family Tree Magazine New Media editor Rachel Fountain joins Lisa to share listener’s answers to the question Where is the strangest place you’ve found a genealogy record? Join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, and follow the archivist Melissa Barker on Twitter @TNArchivist. Featured Interview: Helen Parker-Drabble (06:09) It’s pretty hard to find a family tree that isn’t touched by anxiety, addiction or depression. These are the challenges that aren’t limited to modern life. Author Helen Parker-Drabble has been thinking about how these conditions not only touch our own lives, but how they shaped the lives of our ancestors. Helen is a former counsellor, turned what she calls “geneatherapist”. Her mission is to share historical and current theories of mental health, psychology, and neuroscience to help people gain a better understanding of their ancestors for the benefit of present and future generations. She writes about this subject in her new book, A Victorian’s Inheritance. Learn more about Helen and her book on her website. DNA Deconstructed: DNA Testing for Kids for Genealogy (22:44) In her recent online article our DNA expert Diahan Southard answers the question should I have my children and/or grandchildren tested? There is genealogical value in having your children and grandchildren test, but maybe not for the reason you think. DNA Q&A: DNA Testing for Kids for Genealogy Should you have DNA tests done on your children or grandchildren? Our DNA expert gives the pros and cons. Family Tree Magazine /* Embedded-box css */ .embedded-box{ padding: 25px; font-size: 14px; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.5; color: #82878c;

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