14/09/22 Regimental Goat, Pork Plant closure, UK Quinoa

All this week we’re talking about goats, in farming and in landscape management. But as the official ceremonies continue to commemorate the late Queen Elizabeth II, and welcome King Charles as the new Monarch - the role of the goat as Regimental Mascot has been in the spotlight. Anna Hill speaks to Goat Major Sergeant Mark Jackson from the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Welsh to find out why. Pilgrim's, one of the UK's biggest pork producers, says it is planning to close two of its processing plants. The company recorded an operating loss of £16 million in 2021. Pig farmer Kate Morgan explains how it has come at a time when the whole pork industry is under growing pressure, which has forced several farmers to stop production. And at the end of the hot summer we find out how the drought has affected one of the UK's more unusual crops - quinoa. Presented by Anna Hill Produced in Bristol by Natalie Donovan

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