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#11 Authentic Parenting: Shining out who you truly are with Ashley Avinashi, Founder at Raising Humanity.

av Femme Lead | Publicerades 2/8/2021

Authentic Parenting | Your authentic self | The impact of your luggage in raising children | Intuition & education | Finding out who you are for yourself and your children | In this episode, we tackle the topic of authentic parenting, how do we find out who we are and what are our values, so we raise children from a place of authenticity and love, not only for ourselves but also for future generations. The main message of this episode is to take responsibility for yourself and widen your lens to see ‘what else is out there for me’? Ashley is a certified parenting coach, international best-selling author, and founder of Raising Humanity. Ashley discovered through her own life process, deep healing, and by way of her own children, just how important it is to take responsibility for ourselves and reclaim the joy, freedom, and aliveness we were all born with. Raising Humanity, a transformational development platform, helps people recreate their foundation of beliefs based on their own values so that they can walk their most authentic path and support future generations in living theirs. Ashley believes that revolutionizing who we are as parents are the path to creating sustainable humanity.  Raising Humanity's online programs are as follows: 1. The Balancing Act, a 4-week experience that is the first step off the treadmill, helping bring awareness and boundaries into your life as a parent  https://raisinghumanity.com/the-balancing-act/  2. The ReConnection Project, our signature 6-month experience that offers parents an opportunity to recreate their foundation of beliefs, and move towards freedom, joy, and purpose https://raisinghumanity.com/thereconnectionproject/Resources from Ashley: The 6C's - An assessment as to just how well supported you are on your path of evolution: https://raisinghumanity.com/the-reconnection-project-6-c/ Website: https://raisinghumanity.com/ Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/raisinghumanityvillageInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/raisinghumanity/?hl=en Episode Timeline:02:35 What is authentic parenting?04:02 How do you introduce the topic of authentic parenting to new audiences who never questioned the idea of parenting?10:40 Where do we start understanding ourselves?18:20 How do we deal with our luggage so it doesn't affect the way we raise children in a way we might not? 24:30 What is the process of authentic parenting during the programs led by Raising Humanity?36:58 How can we tackle the practice of intuition in schools?  44:40 Ashley’s journey from a successful corporate career to building Raising Humanity 54:30 Advice for the listeners on authentic parenting and finding their authentic self You can find Ashley on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashley-avinashi-b6443b14/

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