"Mummy why are you bouncing on the bed like that?" Welcome back to Fifty Shades of Motherhood Season 3! A podcast with real, honest, and raw chats on any topic around parenting with no judgment .  Brought to you by your host Carla Lett, founder of My Bump 2 Baby. This week Carla talks with her friend Melanie O’Brien about something that is on our minds but we don't speak about enough…Sex! From sex before kids, to after, and everything in between. 

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In the Fifty Shades of Motherhood podcast, humorous mummy blogger and entrepreneur Carla Lett, talks around real, raw challenges that we all face as mothers, she shares honest, uncensored, unapologetic and unfiltered chats about the journey that is otherwise known as “motherhood”. Carla is keen to promote that there is no such thing as the “perfect” parent and she is also keen to raise awareness that every motherhood journey has bumps in the round.