400 – The Call-In Show 2

Eric B—— is the Zodiac? It's another Fighting in The War Room Quarter Quell!  It has been 100 episodes since our last Call-In Show that we hosted on Zoom, but this time we got to live stream it to YouTube so people in the waiting room weren't relegated to silence. Maybe you caught this one live or have popped by the stream, but for those of you who are Quarter Quell fans: IT'S A LONG ONE. Jump in to see what our listeners ask of your hosts Katey, Da7e, David and Patches. Good lord, are we going to get to episode 500? Take a listen, embed and/or download below; for more from all of us on Twitter: follow the show (@FITWR), Katey (@kateyrich) Patches (@misterpatches), Da7e (@Da7e) and David (@davidehrlich). Please subscribe on iTunes and KICK US A REVIEW if you like what you hear!  Format 3:10 – Kevin 10:08 – Amy 17:08 – Jordan 27:50 – Shruti 35:44 – Ryan 43:10 – Kayla 52:13 – Warpstone 56:36 – Chris Rosen 1:03:30 – Emily 1:15:00 – Charlie 1:20:03 – Kathryn 1:31:21 – Jeff 1:39:59 – Muhammad 1:45:17 – Ryley 1:54:40 – Stephen 2:00:44 – Walker 2:04:34 – David 2:07:38 – Danny 2:13:16 – Bennet 2:22:13 – Tyler   Previous Quarter Quells: * OpKino Classic: First Quarter Quell (August 26th 2011) * OpKino Classic: The 2nd Quarter Quell (Feb. 22nd 2012) * OpKino Classic: Storytelling Quarter Quell (Aug 10th 2012) * OpKino Classic: Family Interview Full Quell (Feb 8th, 2013) * FITWR 025 – The Filmmaking Quarter Quell (June 3rd, 2014) * FITWR 050 – QQ2: Movies for the Moment (Dec. 2nd 2014) * FITWR 075 – QQ3: Movies We Wanted To Be When We Grew Up. *

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Prolific film and culture critics Katey Rich, Matt Patches, Da7e Gonzales and David Ehrlich take on pop culture topics, film and TV reviews and interview very special guests in bi-weekly installments.