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156. "Devaluation Of The Celebrity Wall" - Filip & Fredriks podcast

Avsnittet publicerades: 5/9/2017

Filip and Fredrik are back! In this week’s episode, the duo break down the restaurant “Celebrity Wall”, ranking every level of importance all the way up the ladder to the coveted top spot, “the celebrity hand-written note on a photograph with the owner.” Plus, Filip and Fredrik determine why Frank Sinatra was cliché for always visiting “La Familia” type restaurants all over the world. Plus, they detail the power the Chairman of the Board had to re-open any restaurant kitchen after if closed. Filip even argues that Frank Sinatra’s career was based on how many restaurant kitchens he could re-open. But which celebrity today has the power to continue in Sinatra’s footsteps? You don’t what to miss the answer! Also, Peter Travers, Rolling Stone Film critic, only has 2600 Instagram followers. Filip and Fredrik recall feeling like nobodies after getting seated in the back garden at The Waverly Inn. Don’t miss this triumphant and hysterical return of The Filip & Fredrik Podcast!

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Averaging an IQ of 103, comedians and best friends Filip & Fredrik take an agonizingly prejudiced bilingual glance at the wonders of our time. Tuesdays in English and Thursdays in Swedish!