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Catalonia's new pro-independence government - what to expect

av Filling the Sink | Publicerades 5/21/2021

More than three months on from polling day, Catalonia's new government is taking shape. What can we expect from the incoming administration?  Pere Aragonès has been elected the 132nd president of Catalonia, becoming the first member of Esquerra Republicana (ERC) to head up the executive since the 1930s. He will lead a pro-independence coalition of ERC and Junts per Catalunya, with support from the far-left CUP. Cristina Tomàs White profiles the new president, a meticulous, left-wing politician who can always be seen wearing a suit and tie.  Catalan News deputy editor Guifré Jordan and Marc Sanjaume-Calvet, professor of political science at the Open University of Catalonia, join presenter Lorcan Doherty to discuss the make-up of the new government, its priorities and the challenges ahead.  CatalanNews.com

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