Episode 139: Forming a Millionaire Mindset with Tony Bradshaw

In Episode 110 I talked about how to become a millionaire and discussed the book, The Millionaire Next Door by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley and Dr. William D. Danko. It showed that the vast majority of American millionaires are not who you think they are, and that becoming wealthy is something that can be done. But the path to wealth is a choice and a mindset. You have to think the right way about money in order to acquire and grow it. That’s why I wanted to follow up on that topic in this episode by talking to my guest Tony Bradshaw about what he calls the Millionaire Choice and how you can make that choice with the right mindset. In this episode you will learn: Why mindset is important to becoming wealthy The Ten Keys of the Millionaire How to Make the Millionaire Choice How to Make the Millionaire Plan  

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