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Bucket Lists & Places to Visit: 40 Things we want to do by 40

av Fingers Crossed | Publicerades 4/20/2021

In honor of their 40th episode, Kristee and Sierra are talking about 40 things they want to do by the time they're 40! From Northern Lights to questionable New Year's Eve parties to marriage, this bucket list episode is one wild ride. What's on your bucket list? Let us know on instagram! @fingerscrossedpod @kristeevetter @sierramichellegreen --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/fingers-crossed8/message

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Will we make it through our 20’s alive? Fingers Crossed! Best friends and college roommates Kristee and Sierra took separate paths after graduation when Kristee moved to NYC and Sierra moved to LA to pursue their careers. Every week we will have real conversations about pursuing a career you love, the ups and downs of dating, having strong friendships, and becoming who you want to be. Hang out with us as we laugh at our mistakes, tell stories about our experiences, and give bits of advice along the way. New episodes Tuesdays! @fingerscrossedpod @kristeevetter @sierramichellegreen