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What the Fintech? | S.2 Episode 1 | Innovation in commercial lending

av FinTech Futures | Publicerades 1/19/2021

Happy New Year! Welcome to a brand-new season of the What the fintech? podcast. Dean Snyder, executive vice president and head of business solutions at Automated Financial Systems (AFS), joins us to usher in the new year and new season. We discuss the Financial Conduct Authority’s warnings about bitcoin and how its survey results that found 4,000 financial security firms being at risk of failing due to the pandemic. We also unpack BBVA shutting down Simple after paying $117 million for it in 2014 and explore its other shuttered ventures. Snyder tells us about the firm’s award-winning “Best COVID-19 Response by Fintechs” technology for its Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) commercial lending offering. The head of business solutions also shares his thoughts on the biggest challenges to banks in commercial lending over the next few years. Tune in to find out his head-scratching banished buzzword in another exciting rendition of ‘Fintech Jail’! Subscribe to the FinTech Futures newsletter: What the Fintech is brought to you by the team behind and the Banking Technology Magazine.

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