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Episode #107 - Bill Karau Owner and Inventor of the Karubecue KBQ C-60 Smoker

One of the most favorite smokers that AmazingRibs owner Meathead Goldwyn has ever owned is the Karubecue C-60. I have also discussed this smoker with people like John Setzler of Man Cave Meals,  Chris Young of Modernist Cuisine & ChefSteps, and Douglas Baldwin. They all rave about this very unique smoker! Join me in my discussion with the owner and inventor Bill Karau as find out the hows and why he created this amazing wood fired smoker! Find out more about the KBQ C-60 HERE - can Purchase the KBQ C-60 on Amazon with free shipping HERE - you love Fresh Organic spices, you MUST try FreshJax Organic Seasonings and spices! All of their products are superior quality, organic, non-gmo, no added colors, anti caking, or other additives! They have the BEST blends and individual spices I have ever tried! They have many different packages for you to try and you can Find them HERE and get 15% off!​Get The GrillGun and/or the SU-VGun torches at 10% off HERE -  Get Your Personalized Full Color Paperback or Hard Cover Copy of the Fire & Water Cooking Cookbook direct from my website here - 

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