Episode #95 - International Sous Vide Day 2021 Chef's AJ Schaller Gerard Bertholon

Join me in a conversation with Executive Chefs AJ Schaller and Gerard Bertholon from CREA and Cuisine Solutions as we discuss sous vide, what CREA and CS does, and the 2021 International Sous Vide Day that is happing on January 26th! You can sign up and register for the International Sous Vide Day events at their website www.internationalsousvideday.com. Check out what CREA has to offer at www.lecrea.com or Cuisine Solutions at www.cuisinesolutions.com Check out FreshJax Organic Seasonings - http://freshjax.refr.cc/darrinCheckout the Inkbird Instant Read Thermometer HERE - https://amzn.to/3qFpRhl

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