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Ep 258 w/ Albin/Yellow Island (BR)

Albin is a Brazilian musician, promoter, broadcaster, and the label head of Yellow Island Records. Since 2011, he been throwing parties, and has collaborated with Brazilian collectives including MASTERp la n o, 101Ø, and Goma rec. He has been a monthly resident at Balamii Radio and Internet Public Radio for about a year, and has regular slots on Rinse France. Through his label, he has released works from Nørus, Etari, Kessler, and Moodrich. Yellow Island have just released their third annual compilation - head to to check it out, alongside their vast discography. About the mix: "In this mix I was intertwining electronic soundscapes, lots of drum sounds and synthesised atmospheres designed for deep sonic introspection. Ready your mind for a trance inducing bliss-out." Proem - Shaped Sap [Merck] Netsh - Reminiscence Is Catharsis [Comic Sans] Landau - Ways Home [Merck] Adam Johnson - Captain Wood [Merck] Blamstrain - Linja (Taho Remix) [Merck] Tim Koch - Ellermanstraat [Merck] Downstairs People - On The Phone [INDEX:Records] Tibor Kocsis - Lomond [Infinite Pleasure] Roel Funcken - Nefit Kraton Amb [Self] Savile - Bliss On Top Of Bliss [Self] Boulderhead - Module Upgrade [Yellow Island] Fiesta Soundsystem - Pych 130 [Scuffed] Jónbjörn - Tbilisi [OO] Ivy Lab - NASDAQ [20/20 LDN] Aleksandir - Skin & Mind [Omena] Desolate - Farewell #7 [Fauxpas Musik] Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & London Symphony Orchestra - Movement 6 [Luaka Bop] bvdub - K, Come Home [Self] Skee Mask - Testo BC Mashup [Ilian Tape] Not Even Noticed - Distractive [A Friend In Need] Accela A Granel - Várias Exposições [Yellow Island] Sleep D - Twin Turbo [Incienso] DJ Medallion - Greed [La Rama] Uasmi Nasser - Feedback Control Model [Appendix.Files] Tycho - PBS [Merck] Cicada Shell - 光芒 [Soul Feeder] Rising Sun - Hold The Line [Fauxpas Musik] ELLES - Untitled [Naive] Adhémar - In The Smoke (Morning Spatialization) [C12] Tiki Obmar - Cepia Remix [Merck]

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