Bonus Episode #7- Elvis & The Beatles (Antony on 'TCBCast' podcast)

In a break from the regular shows, here is an appearance made by Antony in January on the excellent Elvis Presley podcast ‘TCBCast’, discussing some of the parallels and differences between Elvis and The Beatles. Topics include their management, tribute acts, their films, Beatles songs covered by Elvis and the songs covered by both acts. The discussion is preceded by my review of the 2019 film ‘Yesterday’, which I finally saw for the first time a few nights ago. Fans of the film should probably skip that part... Enjoy! Feedback and voluntary Paypal donations to Facebook page- Twitter handle TCBCast link Recommended Elvis gospel albums His Hand In Mine (1960) How Great Thou Art (1967 Stevie Riks- Elvis Meet The Beatles in 1968 link to Antony's newest podcast 'Life And Life Only' Antony’s recent appearance on the ‘Classic Film jerks’ podcast discussing ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ Please (x many) like, follow, share, subscribe, rate, review etc…

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