Episode 43: Morten Andersen, Part II

Summer vacation is upon us! Over the coming weeks, “Great Dane Nation” will look a little different, as we’ll be taking a break from the big-name guests you heard throughout our unofficial “season 1.” But that doesn’t mean we won’t be here each and every week to bring you the compelling football content you desire, along with our expert analysis from the team at Vegas Insider!This week, you’ll hear part two of a four-part interview with Morten Andersen, conducted by TommyFreezePops (Tom Carroll). Morten talks about his 13 seasons as a member of the New Orleans Saints, how relaxed things were under Bum Phillips, why Jim Mora was so successful once he took over the organization, and playing with “The Dome Patrol” (01:03 – 19:56).Then, TommyFreezePops closes things out Kevin Rogers for his weekly check-in with the experts from VegasInsider.com (20:42 – 29:01). With all the injuries we’ve seen amongst NBA stars during this postseason, Kevin tells bettors the best way to approach basketball moving forward (22:05). Is Kyle Schwarber a legit threat to win the NL MVP this season (24:49)? Plus, Kevin tells us why the Tampa Bay Lightning are likely to repeat as Stanley Cup champions (26:43).

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"Great Dane Nation" is a weekly podcast hosted by Pro Football Hall of Fame kicker Morten "The Great Dane" Andersen, proudly presented by Vegas Insider!Each week, Morten is joined by fellow legends of the game to talk about their life in football, tell stories, talk about today’s NFL, and bring our listeners inside the locker room in a way they’ve never been before. Occasionally, Morten is joined by his friends from outside the football world, like Charles Barkley and Bill Murray!Each episode, Morten is joined by his sidekick, TommyFreezePops (Tom Carroll). They talk ball, preview each week's biggest games, and have a ton of fun along the way.If you love football past and present, "Great Dane Nation" is the perfect podcast for you.