Episode 49: Hall of Fame Weekend Recap! Plus, Tim Brown, Willie Roaf, Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier, Ron Wolf & Joe DeLamielleure

On this special edition of “Great Dane Nation,” Morten Andersen and TommyFreezePops (Tom Carroll) are together in-person for the first time ever, with the two of them meeting up in Canton, OH for Enshrinement Weekend at the Pro Football Hall of Fame! In part one of the podcast, the guys recap an amazing weekend spent in the birthplace of football (00:15 – 31:47).Morten spent the week chatting with many of his Hall of Fame brothers, including Ron Wolf (31:57), Joe DeLamielleure (33:09), Willie Lanier (35:01), Tim Brown (40:59), Bobby Bell (43:28), and Willie Roaf (46:42), as each all-time great shared with Morten what it meant to them to have a gold jacket. We close things out this week with The Great Dane sharing why his gold jacket is so special to him (47:55).

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