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108: Tiffany Meuret- Author of A Flood of Posies

Even though her fiction often has speculative and magical elements (she’s a life-long fan of monsters and snakes) Tiffany considers her primary goal as an author to dive deep into the “why” people behave the way they do, rather than contriving intricate plots. When it came to publishing, she took a gamble and went with a small publisher just starting out that she heard about through a member announcement in the WFWA newsletter. Turned out the owner herself was also a member and soon after signing, the press was acquired by a larger entity, offering additional resources and support.   Tiffany is writer and poet hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Her debut novel, A Flood of Posies, was released in February 2021 with Black Spot Books. Her second book, Little Bird, releases in 2022 also with Black Spot. Her work has been published in multiple magazines over the years, including Shoreline of Infinity, Luna Station Quarterly, The Molotov Cocktail, and others. Find her online at  Twitter and Instagram @TMeuretBooks for deep discussions about small dogs and bad movies. To learn more about Tiffany, click here.

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If you’re an aspiring author and want insights into what’s involved in launching a book into the world, this is the podcast for you. Maggie Smith, author and blogger, interviews debut novelists from the Women’s Fiction Writers Association discussing not only the inspiration behind their book, but also their insights into the writing process, the best advice they ever got, and the joys and sometimes pitfalls they encountered on their path to publication.