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Episode #39 How To Be Brave In Your Life

Hi, lovely ones. Welcome to episode number 39. Today, I'm sharing with you an episode that features a conversation I had with someone I love dearly, an incredible woman by the name of Mish Pope. Mish is a life coach and she had a podcast called In Her Own Way. She's currently pivoting and redesigning her life as we speak. But I'm lucky enough that I can share this conversation I had with her on all things courage, worthiness and hope. And I want to share with you the space that we created together.

Om Podcasten

Hello Rebecca Ray is our collective home for courage, growth, and connection. In each episode, you'll find inspiration and encouragement to put your work out into the world - unapologetically and authentically. We'll get practical with tips and skill-building on everything from managing intense feelings, reframing negative self-talk, moving past perfectionism, and all things business and creative mindset. And I promise you real, vulnerable, and raw conversation on the realities of living bravely and meaningfully, while making room for the challenges and discomfort that show up when we do hard things. Grab your headphones, get comfortable, and join me for a chat. We need to talk ... because the world needs what you've got.