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Postcolonial Astrology w— Alice Sparkly Kat

Guest conversation today with Alice Sparkly Kat.  Ace approaches astrology as an intersectional + political practice, and they want to widen our star thinking so we can build new relationships with astrology, one another + ourselves. Their new book Postcolonial Astrology, serves as a history and toolkit, decoding the planets from a postcolonial perspective, and it's now available for purchase.  We discuss —* how Western astrology is not universal * intersecting postcolonial thoughts + critical race theory with astrology * the tension between imagining post-colonialism and creating a false utopia* Saturn + power dynamics* magic in our mundane tasks + experiences* Queer fluidity as its own yearning * the kinds of stories and epiphanies that show up in sessions with others* how we mythologize gender* the idea of Asia + the beginning of the industrial complexLINKS / If you enjoyed the episode, check out —Episode on last week's Full Moon in AquariusEpisode w/ Diana Rose HarperEpisode w/ Michael J MorrisMore about our guest —Alice Sparkly Kat's websiteAce's IG + Twitter handle @alicesparklykatPostcolonial Astrology, book by Alice Sparkly KatFree Resources —The Moon in your Natal Chart — free classHow to Interpret Transits in your Natal Chart — free video + graph on the Houses!FREE prompts for July's astrologyView our working home—body podcast Reading List Mentioned in the Episode —Ghosts of Darwin, book by Banu SubramaniamStay Connected —Subscribe to the podcast on Apple + SpotifyMary Grace's websiteSupport the show (

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Spiritually + artfully minded conversation ceremonies intersect astrology, creative practices, intuition, magic, healing, poetry and a deep love for the natural world. My hope is to enliven you so we can co-create possible, regenerative Futures. To encourage you so, together, we can become dynamic agents of Beauty, fully awake, with our power intact. Let us be intentional as we approach the creation and care-taking of Life. And let’s make room for inquiry, sensitivity, and joy.