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Yoga Nidra — Meditation for Deeper Rest, Consciousness + Creativity / Tracee Stanley

Tracee Stanley is teacher of yoga + Tantra whose teaching today focuses on honoring life as a ritual. Her new book Radiant Rest is all about the practice of yoga nidra and how it can support a more conscious, creative + awake life. Tracee was first introduced to yoga while working in the Hollywood film industry, and she shares with us about her journey towards a deeper connection with her dharma. The process of aligning with her vocation asked for a stamina of awareness that was made possible through the practices + teachings of yoga. In her experience, yoga nidra is a portal to our own inner wisdom that can be more accessible than other forms of meditation. We also discuss how accessing these deeper realms of consciousness + rest is necessary in order to contribute more creatively in our lives, communities + society at large. LINKS / --> Enter to win a copy of Tracee's new book Radiant Rest when you Rate, review + share this episode + send screenshots to hi@mgallerdice.comIf you enjoyed the episode, check out:Episode w/ Andréa Ranae JohnsonEpisode on the recent Lunar Eclipse in SagittariusEpisode on Interstellar CommunicationEpisode on how it is both safe (and not safe) to be humanMore about our guestTracee’s WebsiteTracee’s IGTracee’s new book Radiant RestTracee’s Empowered Life Oracle Deck + CircleLearn More—> home—body Summer 2021 Reading Listthe home.body podcast Vimeo channelFree Resources/The Moon in your Natal Chart — free classFREE prompts for June's astrologyView our working home—body podcast Reading List Stay ConnectedSubscribe to the podcast on Apple + SpotifyMary Grace's websiteSupport the show (

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Spiritually + artfully minded conversation ceremonies intersect astrology, creative practices, intuition, magic, healing, poetry and a deep love for the natural world. My hope is to enliven you so we can co-create possible, regenerative Futures. To encourage you so, together, we can become dynamic agents of Beauty, fully awake, with our power intact. Let us be intentional as we approach the creation and care-taking of Life. And let’s make room for inquiry, sensitivity, and joy.