Episode 99 - The Falcon Lake Incident

We have received many requests asking for us to do a show on aliens, and so far we have not done it yet.  Why?  Many of the tales about UFO’s are more current, and well…we are a show about spooky history.  But then we tripped upon an incident that is considered to be one of the best documented UFO cases ever.  It happened in in 1967, and it happened in my own country.   Welcome to Episode 99 - The Falcon Lake Incident We got merch!  Shop now: HorrifyingHist1.redbubble.com www.horrifyinghistory.podbean.com Support our show at https://www.patreon.com/horrifyinghistory   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/horrifyinghistory Instagram: https://instagram.com/horrifying_history Twitter: https://twitter.com/horrifyinghist1   Horrifying History would like to thank the following sponsors for this episode: Discotopia - Designed by dreamers and powered by fans - get your music, podcast, and merch all in one spot.  Find this streaming platform that allows you to be creative without any fuss at www.discotopia.com   Horrifying History is part of the Darkcast Network.  Check out their other amazing podcasts at www.darkcastnetwork.wixsite.com       

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