I Said What I Said

Belief Systems, Personal Power and Radical Pleasure in the face of white supremacy

av I Said What I Said | Publicerades 6/1/2020

TW mention of Suicide and Sexual Assault. On this episode we discuss themes around George Floyd’s murder. How do we keep spiritually sane and safe in the face of white supremacy. We are taking a hiatus for an undetermined length of time, keep well girls and gays! Like this podcast? TIP US! The COVID-19 FUND IS OVER - all tips will line our bellies with ribs and our fingers with gold.  www.paypal.me/iswispodcast.

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"I Said What I Said" is a raucous self development podcast about closing the gap between who we are and who we want to be. From career changes and problematic friendships, to mediocre sex and the navigating money; sisters Mukundwa and Nyak explore how to prioritise your pleasure and move with intention