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Ralo & Strada | Gangstercast 91

Episode 91 of the Gangstercast series is brought to us by Ralo & Strada aka Raul Peña and Felix Estrella, who are two incredible producers originating from the world of Hip Hop and now making House - one living in Miami and the other in Atlanta. Being an audio engineer for big Hip-Hop names in the early 90’s Ralo eventually got tired and felt like it was time to flip the script and speed up the tempo creating fresh house grooves. His productions have been played by Jesse Perez during BPM 2014 and the release of his EP on Sishi Rosch & Diego Moreno's imprint Digital Delight in 2016.   Strada was born in the south of Lima Peru, he then made his way to the U.S. as a young boy. Constantly in the studio, working diligently and searching each day for new sounds, he fell in love with the raw, filthy, nasty, funky and groovy beats of house music. It was in 2014 when they crossed paths, fellow producers who shared the same passion. They teamed up for an EP on Miami’s own Mr. Nice Guy Records in late 2015 and recently released on IAHG in 2016, and there's plenty more to come for this dream team!   Subscribe with iTunes - Subscribe with RSS -   When we sat down with the guys, we asked how this mix represent them as artists, to which Ralo said “It represents the sound we love to create and share with everyone at our shows.”    Strada went on to explain how they choose the tracks for this mix, “We hand-selected these tracks by reaching out to fellow producers for their unreleased music and chose a few tracks that hold a special place in our hearts. We are very eager to share them with all you gangsters… The special thing about this mix is that we get to express our sound, our hard work and dedication that we have been striving for since we started working together two years ago.”

Om Podcasten

The GANGSTERCAST DJ mix series comes from the I'M A HOUSE GANGSTER movement. A HOUSE GANGSTER has the undying commitment and passion for House music, they know that this music is not a trend, it's a culture. The mixes all come from the DJs that follow this culture and love and respect the sound - some are established names on the worldwide scene, some are the future stars of tomorrow, and they all represent the raw, underground essence of real House music. Each mix in the GANGSTERCAST series allows the DJ to present their own take on House music and what it means to them. Featured DJs will include DJ Sneak, Tripmastaz, Ramon Tapia, Doc Martin, The Martinez Brothers, Phil Weeks, Hector Moralez, DJ W!LD, Andrea Oliva, Arturo Garces and many others.