Email marketing with Joanne de Pace Design Studio

Jo, a Surrey based freelance illustrator and designer, got going with her business despite knowing absolutely nothing about running a small business. She went ahead and set up her own design studio in 2017 after the birth of her third daughter when she realised that she owed it to herself and her family to try and create a life that I was truly passionate about. It took learning how to overcome imposter syndrome and her fear of getting things wrong, to create a business that she can now say she's so proud of. Inspiration comes from all kinds of places...vintage textiles and prints, funky cocktail bars and spirit bottles as well as my vast collection of cookbooks! Jo's work always begins life as a hand-drawn pencil sketch on a piece of paper and what started with a single tea towel design has grown into a brand that is recognised for its bright, colourful graphic motifs and illustrations which can be found across a range of homeware and stationery, all made here in the UK. Today we talk email marketing in amongst many other gems that will encourage you to keep rocking your creative business! Website:

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