Email marketing with The Wild and the Tame

The Wild and the Tame began when Chantelle became a mum and noticed that blankets and baby accessories in the very specific style she was looking for were few and far between on the high street. Delicate, nature inspired designs that aren’t too garish or childish, yet not bland either. Items that I could fall head over heels in love with! Chantelle thought there must be other parents looking for one-of-a-kind pieces too and with a long-time dream to start her own creative business, she realised this would be the perfect opportunity. So, while pregnant with her second son, she launched The Wild and the Tame. Chantelle now spends her days handmaking luxury baby and children’s clothing, accessories and cot bedding from my home studio in Kent. All the pieces are made in small batches using limited edition fabrics, with the pattern placement differing from one products to the next, making each piece unique. Today we discuss how Chantelle is utilising email marketing.

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