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5x Your Engagement Using Instagram Stories

We are diving into one of Instagram’s easiest tools, and how we get tons more engagement - Instagram Stories!But let’s backtrack for a minute. We have tested this out, and have proven results. In fact, both of us have had moments where we haven’t created any new content, no new posts, not even a reel for a week (even weeks), and have still seen growth. Why? Because we continue to use stories on an almost daily basis. Okay, so here’s the thing, yes, you will grow faster if you post throughout the week. But let’s say someone lands on your profile because they found you through a niche hashtag, from a post a few weeks ago. Most people will decide not to follow if they don’t see any new content. However, if they see you have some stories, they might dive into that for a couple of minutes and then make up their mind if you’re their jam. They’ll see that you shared an old post to stories. Or went on to talk about what’s going on in your business today, or shared someone else’s post and gave them a little love. They’ll think “yes, this is my person” or “nah, not for me”. But from this place alone, they can get a little sneak peek into who you are. And that alone can get you a follow. Once the oh so wonderful algorithm sees engagement, it begins to move your stories up further so it’s one of the first stories your followers will view.Well heck, then let’s get them engaging right??So let’s start first with a regular ol’ story. Without adding any gifs, what can we do to get them to engage? Well, ask them a question with your words. And please do not forget to turn on your Captions sticker. This way if someone has their sound off, they can still read what you’re saying. Once you’ve done this, yes, a little gif to add some personality would be wonderful. The movement attracts the eye faster, and keeps them on a bit longer. We have talked a few times about using gifs that are on brand for you. Don’t using something cheesy. Try to find a Story artist that works well with your brand. If you’re new to this, well, we have a couple posts that talk about this. Head over to our IG page, tap Guides, and click on Learn with Us.Alrighty, let’s get into those wonderful Stickers. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the best and easiest ways to get engagement. Who doesn’t love giving their opinions right? We all do! This or That’s are a fun way to find out who your people are. Ask me a question with a question box. Get them to play a game to guess the right answer by using multiple choice. Or get them to cheer you on by using the slider. Goodness, there is at least 500 ways to use these stickers.Let’s rewind for a sec. So what’s the ultimate goal here? It’s to get engagement right? Well then how about putting out what you hope to get back? When you’re in stories, connect with who YOU follow in their stories. Send some messages. Get into their DMs. Form some connections by being the person that answers their questions. Stories is not one sided. It’s about give and take. And truly, we have been able to create incredible connections by starting a conversation here and into their DMs. In fact, we have now been able to turn some of those conversations into more then just followers. And that’s your goal and intention right?Check us out on Instagram @thesocial.focus @angela.s.doyon and @natcaronphoto JOIN INSTAGRAM FOR BUSINESS NOW! (the online course and community where you learn to scroll less and sell more!)We love and use Buzzsprout to host Instagram for Business Podcast and they have m

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