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Feminism and Refugee Women with Natasha Walter | Ep.32

av It's Bloody Complicated - A Compass Podcast | Publicerades 12/7/2020

This week, we spoke to  Natasha Walter:  feminist writer, founder and director of Women for Refugee Women and author of Living Dolls and A Quiet Life.We talked to Natasha about what motivated her to write Living Dolls, and how she moved out of journalism to found the charity Women for Refugee Women. After 14 years at WFRW, Natasha had plenty of stories to share with us and wasn’t afraid to dig into the frictions and frustrations of her work."It's Bloody Complicated" is recorded every Tuesday at 6pm BST. Become a Compass Member to join our live recordings and bring your questions to our guests: the show ( the show (

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