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Progressive Alliance: The Reunion | Ep.36

av It's Bloody Complicated - A Compass Podcast | Publicerades 2/19/2021

On this edition of It’s Bloody Complicated , we're celebrating a very special reunion. Neal Lawson is joined by 2017 Progressive Alliance veterans Andrée Frieze, Barry Langford, Stephen Clark, Remco van der Stoep, Jana Mills, Steve Williams and Frances Foley to look back on the successes and lessons of that election, and look forward to how we can build a formidable Progressive Alliance next time.Results analysis suggests that, in 2017, the Progressive Alliance made a difference in dozens of seats, contributing to the Conservatives losing their majority in Parliament. It’s time to get the band back together.On the next episode of It's Bloody Complicated, we're launching Compass's new report Belonging, Place and the Nation with Clive Lewis MP, Francesca Klug and Stuart White. The live recording is open to all – just sign up here.Support the show ( the show (

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