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Towards a new politics of Care | Ep.27

av It's Bloody Complicated - A Compass Podcast | Publicerades 9/25/2020

Long before Covid hit, it was evident to many that the UK was hurtling towards a crisis of Care. Now we simply cannot deny that the way we think about the way we care for our most vulnerable – who does it and how we value it – is deeply flawed. We urgently need a new politics of Care.This week on the podcast we were joined by three authorities on the state of Care right now: Madeleine Bunting author of Labours of Love, Jo Littler author of The Care Manifesto and Alex Fox (CEO of Shared Lives) "It's Bloody Complicated" is recorded every Tuesday at 6pm BST. Become a Compass Member to join our live recordings and bring your questions to our guests: the show (

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