JdR Podcast 443 - Consciousness and Biology: What Plant Medicine Can and Cannot Do

Interactive Live Stream - June 7, 2021 Morning What's the difference between being taken into the deep in connection with John, or using the biological power of plant medicine? There's profound difference between how consciousness moves compared with how chemicals do, and only one takes you into the real. Dialogues with John de Ruiter bring you into your heart, and into the depths of your being, where the meaning of life opens up in awareness.    More information about John de Ruiter - Knowing Reality at www.johnderuiter.com

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"Without your entrance to greater reality in this life, greater reality has no entrance to this life. The meaning of all of this life [of yours] isn't as it appears. The meaning of this life is for greater reality to manifest through all the forms of this life." - John de Ruiter. New podcast Episodes are released weekly on iTunes. Visit www.johnderuiter.com for audio and video releases of John's meetings and to register for live seminars.