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The Undervalued Modern Day Superpower

av Kalongo longo Life | Publicerades 5/22/2020

In this season of changing times, we need all the help we can get in navigating uncertainty. 2020 has been strange but we can get through it and thrive. All we need is to have the right habits and things will start to make sense.  On this episode, we explore why curiosity is an undervalued asset. COVID-19 has usurped how the world works.  Curiosity can get you to the other side. This is how curiosity helps you navigate change: Curiosity connects you with people. Interested people are interesting.  Curiosity opens up our world. It’s not always rosy but you eventually find your way. And... Curiosity improves your performance. The biggest breakthroughs in life come through asking questions to the right people The real question is, what will you do with this period of change? Will you sit and wait for someone to define the “New Normal” for you? Or will you start asking questions that help you co-create a new normal that works for you?  Get the full article inspired by this episode on my Medium page.  Share, subscribe, and see you next week on Friday. 

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