Good Night by Nils Lejoner

av KLANGEXTASE | Publicerades 9/12/2020

Nils Lejoner is a 26-year-old Italian dj & producer born in Bari (southern Italy). Nicola (his real name) has been working under the stage name of (Nils Lejoner) with the genre Melodic House Techno for about a year and a half, and his favorite artists at the moment are Adriatique, Tale Of Us, Mind Against, Innellea etc ... But the love for electronic music begins well before or in high school where thanks to his friends he begins to listen to the first tracks of electronic music, so after a few days for pure fun he decides to try to use virtual dj and he is right in that moment unwittingly at the age of 15 the passion for this profession was born. Nicola finally being a self-taught recently decided to attend some courses both as regards the creation of a track and as regards the final phase which includes mixing and mastering in order to try to improve and create your own sound, so we wait news for the future.

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