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Home Hard - Lost in Nakitomi Plaza

av Large Nerdron Collider | Publicerades 12/23/2020

Wading through the newest holiday movies, debating whether some old favorites have wrongfully earned the title Christmas Movie, and seeing if putting a christmas movie and non-Christmas movie together makes it more holiday than not. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

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Part news show, part panel discussion and part blue-sky brainstorming, the Large Nerdron Collider is a podcast that embraces the geekiest of geeky tendencies. Whether it’s a deep discussion over which superhero needs their own standalone film (come on, Squirrel Girl!) or a look at how the changing power dynamics within geek culture are shaping entertainment, the Large Nerdron Collider is here to dive in. Plus, each episode will have a stream-of-consciousness mashup where two or more geeky properties are molded into something new (though not necessarily improved). Ever wondered how the Scooby Doo gang would take down The Jigsaw Killer? So do we, and we’re weird enough to figure it out!