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50 Years at the Morgan Library featuring William Voelkle

av Les Enluminures | Publicerades 1/30/2020

From the shoemakers of the Black forest to J.P. Morgan’s mansion, today William “Bill” Voelkle reflects on his fifty-year career at the Morgan Library and Museum with host Sandra Hindman. They discuss his early interest in science and mathematics as well as the Northern Renaissance course that changed his life. Voelkle’s early work at Columbia University with Meyer Schapiro and Julius Held, and later his acquisition of an unexpected but cherished position at the Morgan Library and Museum are just the beginning of the conversation, which covers everything from Bill’s favorite exhibition, to the most unusual and stunning manuscripts, to the origins of CORSAIR, the Morgan’s Online Collection Catalog. How the Morgan Library changed over Bill’s long and prestigious career, including the institution’s buying and collecting practices, is a major focus of their conversation. This conversation was recorded in New York on January 28, 2020.

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