Måndagar Let's Get Real

Let's Normalize Anxiety. | Ep. 43

av Let's Get Real | Publicerades 3/29/2021

In this weeks episode, Brenda and Ashley talk all about anxiety. This topic hits close to home, so they are able to open up and get very vulnerable on the topic. They share personal stories, and give advice on how to cope with anxiety so that it doesn't control your life. If you're someone who suffers from anxiety, and you want to feel understood, or get advice - this is the episode for you! http://trybetterhelp.com/letsgetreal

Om Podcasten

Life can get hard when you’re 20-something facing new challenges and relationships! If you’re looking for a relatable and comedic perspective on life and love, join Ashley and Brenda as they dive into their own lives to give you real ass advice on dating, adulting, and everyday experiences! It’s about to get real. New episodes every Monday!